Jenn August


“How to Attract All the Clients You Need by Building Business Friendships”

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Join Jenn August C.H., C.L.S.C., Founder of Women's Success Tribe

and a leading expert in helping women clear their doubt and fear to creating profitable, authentic, fun & satisfying businesses, on this brand new training.

What if attracting new clients felt awesome, authentic, 
and totally in line with who you really are?

Ever feel like you have to turn into a “used car salesman”
to get clients?

You know what I mean, right? You have a calling to serve others, so somehow, you need to let them know about what you do. But if you’re naturally quiet or you don’t like tooting your own horn, it can feel like you’ll never get the clients you need.

You got into business to share your gifts and be yourself, but sometimes it feels like you have to become someone else to succeed. Someone with a huge mailing list and tens of thousands of social media followers. Someone who stands up in a roomful of people, demanding everyone’s attention so they can boast about how awesome they are.

Someone who… well… someone who’s not YOU! 

If that thought worries you, I have good news…

You are exactly who you need to be to succeed!

It’s true: you already have everything you need within you for your business to flourish.

Yes, of course, marketing via a massive list, or networking to a crowded room can work wonders for some people.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either tactic if it feels genuinely authentic for you.

But if it doesn’t, I want you to know that there really is another way.  A way that’s based on creating supportive, genuine, one-to-one business friendships. A way that involves connecting with other people who “get” you and sincerely want to help you succeed. 

A way that leaves you feeling seen, valued and… well… awesome. 

And the best thing about it? You already have absolutely everything you need to try it… exactly as you are now.

Want to learn how to attract clients in a way that feels awesome?  I invite you to join me on this 75-minute special training!

  • How to tap into a new source of clients by building one-to-one business "friendships" online.

  • How to truly understand (and communicate!) the value of who you are and what you offer right now, so potential partners start knocking on your door.

  • How to network in a way that feels natural and authentic (even if you’re painfully shy).

  • Where to find aligned people who genuinely want to connect with you and help you make your business successful.

  • The connection secrets that grew my business to six figures (as well as earned me invitations to collaborate with industry superstars like Jack Canfield, Marcia Wieder and Janet Attwood). 

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better that the information others charge you thousands for... even though they are free.

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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I’m offering a free bonus  meditation called “You are a Queen”.  This audio will help you get into the mindset of receiving, so you can much more easily allow the support that will grow your business. I’ll tell you how to access it when I send you your dial-in details.

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